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Meet, Shirelle.

Entrepreneur • Journalist
Media Relations Professional

Hi I'm Shirelle

Shirelle is boldly making her presence known in the field of media. She is a dreamer & doer. Shirelle has applied her expertise in various industries including entertainment, radio, non-profits, and education. She is a proficient communicator and visual creator, and has built a career utilizing methods of videography, photography and editorial writing for outreach and branding for her clientele and employers. Her editorial work has been published in Today's Woman,The Voice Tribune, and Churchill Downs Magazines; additionally, she has produced numerous social media engagement content for organizations, such as Kentucky Derby Festival.

She found her grit when she quit the corporate world to pursue her passion to create her own opportunities in media and digital production. She launched RELLE in late 2019 and is the Founder and Creative Director of RelleAVision Multimedia Production Co. and interactive parenting vlog, Mommy and Doo. 


Shirelle is a woman of valor and resilience and has learned to laugh in the face of adversity. With her ebullient personality and fervor to create, she is just breaking the surface in entrepreneurship and her career desires. Laying a firm foundation brick by brick, she strives to work with and for global brands in areas of creativity and media relations. Her dream role is to work in publicity for large scale TV programming, film, or streaming services.

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Shirelle's Articles

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Fun Facts

I have a Masters Degree in Digital Media from Bellermaine University + Bachelors Degree in Communication Studies & Minor in Broadcast Journalism.

So far, I have lived in 3 different states! Indiana, Kentucky, & New York!

My favorite vacation destination is the Caribbean, but I look forward to see how Italy measures up! 

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